Plus Designs Solutions

Design and Product Development


We take pride in our ability to work side-by-side with in-house design teams. It’s something we revel in, empowering businesses, inspiring change, and encouraging partnerships as we go – as was the case here, when tasked with designing an outdoor lighting system that aligned with the team’s technical and manufacture specifications. From there, a state-of-the-art concept followed, passing all technical and regulatory tests.

Our Solutions

  • We looked at the company’s capabilities through a magnifying glass, before developing a product to suit. The result? A product that met every quality requirement, technical test, and marketing goal.
  • We focused on their best interests, cutting down the production time, reducing the number of components, and minimizing both: manufacture and assembly costs. 
  • We acted as an extension of their internal team, responsible for driving delivery times, and drastically reducing the duration of the design and development process.