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3d Modeling For Product Design


We exist to enrich the lives of product users, from extraordinary designs to a seamless user documents. That’s why we partnered with Agrofacil, a Colombian company specializing in the commercialization of agricultural machinery. By reverse-engineering each machine, creating a 3D file for each component, developing parts codification, and creating a step-by-step assembly document – with a focus on a Colombian audience – we created a set of installation documents that runs like clockwork.

Our Solutions

  • We’re the people behind a new codification system – a visual document that pinpoints each component, nurturing end-to-end convenience. 
  • We’re making the team look good, enhancing user understanding – regardless of language – by developing visual instructions. 
  • We outlined each part and assembly 3D model, delivered in a format that can be opened in any 3D software.
  • We simplify the most complex by addressing complicated assemblies through 3D animations, turning the difficult into a simple and easy-to-understand process.