Plus Design Solutions

Ongoing Support


We believe that beneath allstrong relationships lie even stronger foundations – an ethos that’s woven through our collaboration with this USA-based furniture brand. We may have begun our partnership as a team of freelancers, responsible for supporting their day-to-day operations, but we have undeniably become an essential cog in the design wheel. From 3D modeling  and technical drawings to collaborating with their internal team on industrial product design, we’ve built a reputation for leaving no stone unturned.

Our Solutions

  • We take their ideas – no matter how boundary-pushing – and make them happen, starting with a simple concept design or sketch.
  • We have created a collaborative work methodology to streamline their design process.
  • We help their team bring their ideas to life. We take his initial conceptual design and transform it into a product that meets their manufacturing capability.
  • We give the team more hours in the day, taking responsibility for day-to-day tasks, accelerating their output, and offering real-time support when they need it most.