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Our capabilities are tailored to the specific needs of each project or type of industry. We work in specific stages or in projects that range from creating the design concept to consulting for manufacturing and production. Our main mission is to provide agile and efficient support to our clients.

Modular lighting system developed for the Colombian company Celsa S.A.
Exterior Lighting System


With the intention of having an external team 100% dedicated to the task and to reduce product development times, Celsa S.A contacted our team of designers and engineers to carry out a project in a totally virtual way. The design concept and documentation was developed by PDS with the technical support of Celsa S.A.


  • A product designed for manufacturing and assembly according to the company's guidelines.
  • Effective reduction of components and production times.
  • A product that satisfactorily meets all the quality requirements and technical tests required by the company.
  • Optimization of times in the conceptualization and design stage of the project
  • Product engineering and technical verification applied to each stage of the project.
Support in the development of technical drawings and documentation for production.
Continuous Remote Support


For more than 5 years, we have provided continuous support to the corporate and technical furniture company Formaspace LP in the United States.


  • Development of remote work methodology, which allows to standardize processes and achieve synergies between our team and the internal team of the company.
  • Improvements in product and production process thanks to our previous experience in furniture design and development.
  • Optimization of response times through continuous support and receipt of requests in real time.
  • Agile adaptation to the work methodology and design process of the company.
  • Development of a comprehensive confidentiality policy to guarantee custody of the company's private information.
Development of 3D models, parts lists and manuals for agricultural machinery. AGROFACIL S.A.S


Starting from a physical product, a reverse engineering process was carried out to digitize all the components of the machine and facilitate the identification, assembly and inventory process.


  • 3D modeling of each of the components and assemblies of the machine.
  • Code of parts and graphic support to facilitate their identification.
  • Development of technical documentation and user manuals.
  • Delivery of 3D files in a format that can be used in any design program.
  • Video animation for the assembly of the product.
Information point for customer service centers. Project developed for a systems engineering startup.


Our design team worked closely with the application developers, who were looking for a formal concept to sell their project to prospective clients. Our support allowed the company to have an external design team to shape its ideas and achieve a ready-to-market product.


  • Support in the area of product design and development.
  • Strategic design concept that successfully resolved the interaction between the user and the application developed by the engineers.
  • Renderings and graphic support for presentation to the client with high visual appeal.
Multipurpose cleaning equipment: broom, mop and dustpan.


Product development for an entrepreneur with an objective product idea but no knowledge of industrial design. The proposed work methodology allowed the constant participation of the client to understand the formal and functional requirements of their business idea. The graphic documentation through quick sketches and mood boards were essential for the interpretation of the client's ideas and their translation into a product that meets the market requirements.


  • Market research evaluating the competition and similar products available.
  • Design and conceptualization of the product.
  • Continuous communication through videoconferences and graphic support.
  • Detailed plans for production.
  • 3D models ready for production and renderings for use.
PDS project, because we love design! Convertible office table.


We are a team of designers and engineers who love creativity and ideas that help improve our environment. We are always looking to provide solutions in the area of design that best defines us: furniture!

Chalk, is a conceptual design of its own that seeks to re-signify work meetings by offering different forms of use for a conference table. Designed and thought to encourage teamwork.

PDS project, because we love design! Modular room divider for easy assembly and transport.


Quick project designed for health emergencies, where ease of transport, simplicity in assembly and simplicity in the production process were the most important aspects to consider for its design.

It is an open source project, developed in solidarity for an emergency situation that required easily assembled modules in spaces adapted for medical and hospital care.

We are an interdisciplinary design team focused on giving the best of our experience and knowledge to become a differentiating tool for your company and your projects.
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