We are virtual workers,
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Who we are

We are a virtual studio of industrial design, engineering and product development that supports companies and startups in all stages of product design and development.

Our mission is to adapt to those ideas and needs of our clients that best lead to focus their resources on the strategic growth of their companies. Valuing our clients as strategic allies leads us to develop a work methodology that is worthy of their trust and adaptable to their requirements.

Our Values



It is one of the most important values of our brand. We pay particular attention to the details in the process, to the quality of the documentation delivered and to the warmth in the after-sales service.



We are driven to work together to achieve a common goal. Our clients are the most important members of out team.

Adaptability and Improvement

Adaptability & Continuous Improvement

Exploration, experimentation and use of technological resources and learning methodologies allow us to constantly search for innovative and concrete solutions.



We assume each project with professionalism, integrity and responsibility to achieve our clients objectives.

Meet the Team

We are digital nomads, passionate about exploring, learning and applying a different vision of our environment to be more productive and happy and thus, offer a novel experience to our customers.

Alejandra García

Founder - PDS Team Leader

The biggest challenge and the greatest satisfaction of my role as leader has been to form an interdisciplinary and versatile team which adapts to different types of companies and work models. Likewise, achieve a group synergy that allows us to enhance each other's capabilities and consolidate ourselves as a successful team capable of facing any challenge of product design and development. I am the founder of Plus Design Solutions and the leader of a team I believe in.

Simón González

Design Leader

I am a Product Design Engineer and leader of the Design Team of Plus Design Solutions.
My experience of more than 9 years in the design and conceptualization of objects and innovative solutions, has allowed me to apply a design methodology whose main objective is to achieve effective products in its use, efficient in its manufacture and faithful to its creative and conceptual definitions.

Carlos López

Product Design Engineer

I am a Product Design Engineer and Marketing specialist. I have extensive experience in the development of mass consumer and industrial products and design for manufacturing and assembly.
I have worked and coordinated research, development and innovation teams achieving assertive projects and products that are successfully commercialized.

Jeff Bedoya

Product Designer

As a Product Designer, I seek to create meaningful, valuable and functional objects.
I take advantage of technical resources and digital tools to streamline the design process, developing work methodologies that include the creation of parametric components that allow for a much more efficient modeling and drawing process.

Daniel García

Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, I focus on creating prototypes and testing of products that are functional and consistent with the user needs.
I have experience in finite element analysis, mechanical design, support for manufacturing, and engineering analysis.

Julián Zapata

Strategic Innovation Advisor

I am a Product Design Engineer and external advisor on innovation strategies at Plus Design Solutions. I have extensive experience in design and conceptualization of products and have participated in multiple projects in Colombia, United States and Netherlands focusing on the use of creativity tools for innovation.

Laura García

Partner - Sales

I am an International Negotiator and Marketing specialist. As a member of the PDS sales team, I seek to generate strategies that promote the growth of our brand and the product portfolio, emphasizing the quality of our work as the main differentiator and the satisfaction of our clients as our main motivation.

Carolina Herrera

Digital Marketing

I am an Industrial Designer. I am in charge of the graphic and digital development of PDS, the communication with our clients and generating content for our social networks. From the commercial area, I seek to promote the values of our brand, prioritizing the talent of our team and the customer experience.

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