Plus Design Solutions

We’re industrial
designers, engineers,
and vision-realizers.

Product design. Product engineer. Product development

Or as we call it, a
trusted partner

that supports companies around the world in the
process of thoughtfuly designed and seamlessly
engineered products.
We empower you to enhance the capabilities of
your internal team, maximiaing their potential and
taking your product design process to new heights.

Benefits of hiring us:

Reduction of
delivery times

Access to a team highly focused on your business needs

Access to talented design experts

Work with an Interdisciplinary team

Increased productivity

How can we collaborate
with your team?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, ensuring that each industrial design service we offer is tailored to meet your requirements, design methodology, timeline, and budget.


Technical Drawings

We’re known for our accurate technical drawings, bringing you everything you need, from 3D modeling to detailed product documentation.

Our Capabilities


Continous Product
Design Support

Our experience in the creation of technical drawings and documentation for production, has allowed us to develop a methodology of continuous support to provide assistance in the generation of 3D models and drawings for production.

Our Capabilities


Product Design and
Product Optimization

Our product design and development service covers all stages of the design process, from idea generation to production documentation.

Our Capabilities


3D Modeling and Rendering

We model 3D parts of any type of product or part in order to visualize a design concept, a prototype or a product before entering the production phase.

Our Capabilities

Our work methodology has been tested for several years and has
been optimized to accelerate
business success.

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Case studies PDS

Our capabilities are tailored to the specific needs of each project or type of industry. We work in specific stages or in projects that range from creating the design concept to consulting for manufacturing and production. Our main mission is to provide agile and efficient support to our clients.
With the intention of having an external team 100% dedicated to the task and to reduce product development times, Celsa S.A contacted our team of designers and engineers to carry out a project in a totally virtual way.
We have been collaborating with FORMASPACE for more than 9 years as a remote design team. From 3D modeling and technical drawings to day-to-day activities, our partnership embraces all the stages of the product design and product development.

We are virtual workers,with no
conventional offices.


Simply put, we’re more than an industrial design and engineering team. We’re the minds behind a better approach to product design, where in-house capabilities are leveraged, operations are fluid, and boundaries are pushed, with an external team of experts fuelling the project lifecycle. From concept generation to product optimization, we don’t just create products – we support brands that make a lasting impact.