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Technical Drawings


In short, we believe that a product is only as good as the team behind it. By partnering with G. BARCO. S.A.S, a medical device marketing company, we were able to bridge knowledge gaps, take advantage of our passion for design, and deploy the cutting-edge solutions they needed to turn their idea into a tangible reality. And that, we did, creating a case for a data logging system that was equal parts visually captivating and architecturally brilliant.

Our Solutions

  • We took their electrical system requirements and shaped them into a meaningful design idea. 
  • We called upon our prototype development specialists, bringing the team ultra-accurate, ready-to-print 3D files.
  • We developed a prototype, tweaked the components to perfection, and unleashed the power of our assembly and part verification expertise.
  • We invited the team to take advantage of our experience, from generating technical drawings to 3D model verification for plastic injection manufacturing.