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PDS Services

We love challenges and we deliver effective solutions.
We can assist in all the design stages or in those that your project requires.
Our support ranges from the conceptualization of the idea to the documentation for manufacturing.
A large project or a one-off task has the same value for us!

Development of Technical Drawings and Technical Documentation

We develop product technical drawings with high level of detail, and all the technical documentation required for production and for successful communication with suppliers.

Our Capabilities:

  • 3D Model in CAD or Vector format
  • Development of detailed Technical Drawings for production
  • Component Technical Sheets
  • Technical Verification of parts and assemblies
  • Design of User Manuals and Assembly Instructions

What can you send us to get started?

3D Model

3D Model

Hand Drawn Sketch

Hand Drawn Sketch

Delivery time

An estimated number of days per drawing is determined depending on its complexity.

What we deliver

Detailed documentation by part or product in:

Contact us if you need a different format!

Ongoing Support

Our experience in the creation of technical drawings and documentation for production, has allowed us to develop a methodology of continuous support to provide assistance in the generation of 3D models and drawings for production. This way, we accompany related tasks so that your product development process is much more agile. This service can be hired per hour and according to the amount of resources assigned to the task.

Our Capabilities:

  • Response to requirements in real time
  • Assistance to the in-house team
  • Generation of techical drawings
  • Development of 3D Models
  • Creation of parametric parts
  • Documentation for production
  • Product development

Some of the resources we need to get started are

Continuous Communication

We establish a continuous communication channel

VPN computer

Remote computer with VPN to guarantee security

What PDS delivers

To be agreed with the client according to the type of project.

Weekly report

Weekly report of hours so that you can keep track of the activities and resources assigned.

Conceptual Design and Product Development

Our product design and development service covers all stages of the design process, from idea generation to production documentation.
Our interdisciplinary team of designers and engineers, works virtually, in the development of a product that meets aesthetic and functional requirements and adapts to the production processes of your company.
With the remote work modality, our client obtains the benefits of having a team of professionals totally dedicated to the assigned task and a reduction in hiring times and costs.

Our Capabilities:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Product Development
  • Design Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Technical Drawings and Product Documentation
  • 2D/3D Testing

What can you send us to get started?

Input Document

Document input data


Detailed schedule

Technical Information

Technical information of the product and production process

Delivery time

According to the schedule agreed with the client

What we deliver

  • A detailed document of each stage of the project
  • 3 design proposals
  • Design, material and assembly specifications
  • Detailed documentation for production and suppliers
  • 3D models and detailed plans in the format required by the client (STEP, IGES, DWG, STL, PDF)
  • Finite element analysis and stresses in critical pieces

Reverse Engineering

We offer a reverse engineering service based on physical parts, for companies and individuals who need the digitization of components for their machines or products. This procedure facilitates the identification of parts during inventory, the local production of frequently worn components and the development of catalogs and user manuals.

Our Capabilities:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Technical Documentation of the Product
  • Creation of User Manuals and Catalogs
  • Optimization of the Product
  • Coding System and Component Technical Sheets
  • Files for 3D Printing

What can you send us to get started?

Physical Part

Physical part

Manufacturer drawing

Manufacturer's drawing

Delivery time

Low Complexity: -2 days

Medium Complexity: - 4 days

High Complexity: - 8 days

*The estimated delivery time will be confirmed with the sending of the quotation

What we deliver

The model in:

Contact us if you need a different format!

3D Modeling and Rendering

We model 3D parts of any type of product or part in order to visualize a design concept, a prototype or a product before entering the production phase.

Our Capabilities:

  • 3D Models ready for Production
  • Modifications and Design Optimization
  • Product Rendering
  • Technical Analysis of Complex Parts
  • Parts Lists and Component Coding System
  • Conceptual Modeling

How can we get started?

Sketch with measurements

Sketch with Measurements

Scaled Image

Scaled Image

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing

Delivery time

* Low: for Renderings

** Medium: for Catalogs. Depending on the piece.

*** High: for production processes - A detailed drawing or physical part must be delivered.

If the modeling is required for a production process, we will take care of the technical verification of the parts and their assemblies. Also, we will review the technical details to ensure that the production process and communication with suppliers are done successfully.

What we deliver

The model and / or rendering in:

Contact us if you need a different format!

PDS Specialized Service

At PDS we provide a support service that adjusts to the requirements of our clients. This allows us to accompany any technical phase related to industrial design and product engineering and become strategic allies that complement your in-house team.

Our services include:

  • Product Engineering Support
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Consulting
  • Technical Documentation Support in different product phases
  • Support in verification of parts and components before production
  • Assistance in the initial stages of product design
  • Dedicated Design Team

If you have a new project, want to increase the efficiency of your design team, or if you want to know more about us, let's connect.
We are ready to help you!


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